Tagi Watches

About TAGI


What does TAGI stand for?

That’s a good idea!

Who Are We?

TAGI Watches is a company that is excited to bring the hottest watches to the world!  We are so excited about what these Ion watches have to offer.  The exciting colors are a great change to the average watch, and go with any outfit.  TAGI Watches are versatile, perfect for any athletic activity, yet suitable for everyday activities.

Where Did TAGI Watches Come From?

From the fashion capitals of Europe, these watches originated in Italy.  The trend is moving westward, and sweeping across the United States rapidly.  We are dedicated to bringing this hot item to people all over the U.S.  Be the first to set the trend in your neck of the woods!

Why choose a TAGI Watch?

TAGI Watches are made of excellent quality.  They are a fun way to tell time and make a statement about your style.  Professional athletes can be spotted all over television wearing Negative Ions to boost their game.  So whether you’re looking to improve at sports, or just look a little hotter, TAGI Watches are the thing for you!
What are some of the features of collection 1?

The collection 1 watch is so popular because it boasts of convenience.  Collection 1 watches are lightweight, easy to wear, easy to use, and are water-resistant.  With 8 different colors and two sizes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a watch that fits every outfit!