Tagi Watches

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Made of 100% Silicone

Our watches are made of 100% Silicone. The material is bendable, stretchy, and easy to wear. You can take Tagi Watches anywhere with you.


Can't stand heavy jewelry or watches? Weighing only 10 grams, Tagi Watches are extremely lightweight. These watches won't get in the way of athletic play or everyday activities.

Water Resistant

TAGI Watches are water resistant. Don't worry about washing your hands with this on- it's no problem.

2 Sizes, 8 Colors

The colors we offer are: Black, White, Grey, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Lime Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Hot Pink, and Light Pink. 2 Sizes are available. Small-Medium (16 cm) fits kids, most women, and some men. Medium-Large (17 cm) fits some women and some men.

Charity Events With TAGI

Nothing feels better than giving back to non-profits and helping raise money for those in need. We can all do out part to help less fortunate people, that why at TAGI we take on charity events all over the country. Send us a note in our contact us page, so we can set up a time to discuss your non-profit event or organization.

Let Your Ion Watch Glow

Do you like things that Glow In The Dark? We do too. Every order of our White Wash ion watch, is glow in the dark. Just set it in some light for a few minutes, and then go make that dance floor light up!