Tagi Watches



Thanks Tagi! I love wearing this to the gym! I get more attention to my watch than I do on my muscles.
D. Reeves "
I don't know if you are just really tricky, or if this Ion stuff actually works...my golf game has improved over 5 strokes!
Black Mamba "
To Whom This May Concern, I purchased my Tagi last month and am back to buy more. I love how I have felt since I started wearing this watch. My joints don't have the same pressure and pain as before. Thank you!
Grandma Tested "
TAGI- I just wanted to write you and tell you my experience with your product. It is common for me to get dizzy and not be able to stand up for hours. A friend referred me to your product because it helps with balance. I have been blown away by the power of this little silicone watch. I have not had a dizzy spell since I started wearing my TAGI. Thank you for the great product.
J Sanders "